About us

The Concert Against Totalitarianism project was created at the HAMU in 2014 and thus the faculty joined the nationwide celebrations of 17th November. Thanks to the enthusiastic reactions of the visitors, the originally one-off project has become a regular cultural event for the festive November evening, bringing its audience to the beautiful Martinů Hall and to the company of quality music.

It is not only a celebration of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, but also a commemoration of the International Student Day, which was proclaimed after the tragic events of 17th November 1939.

The musical dramaturgy reflects the works of authors whose lives were marked by totalitarian regimes, whether Nazi or Communist. The Concert Against Totalitarianism is also a tribute to all those who faced or are forced to face some form of injustice.

Uniquely, the concert brings together talented HAMU students on the stage of their alma mater with their teachers and successful graduates who have already earned their place on the music scene and are currently outstanding soloists, members of renowned domestic or international ensembles, and often holders of major awards. To our great joy, the idea of the project resonates also abroad, and in recent years interesting foreign guests have also been invited.

The concert is free of charge.

Since 2015, the Concert Against Totalitarianism has been accompanied by chamber exhibitions installed in the Respirium HAMU. They are open to the general public as well, free of charge too, and can be visited for one month.

We look forward to your participation!

The team of the Concert Against Totalitarianism