About us

The Concert against Totalitarianism project was conceived at HAMU (the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts) in Prague in 2014 as the Faculty's contribution to the national celebration of 17th November. Originally a one-off project, mainly owing to the enthusiastic response from its visitors, it has become a regular alternative way to spend the November evening in the beautiful premises of the Martinu Hall and accompanied by good music.

The project is intended not just to celebrate the Velvet Revolution but also to commemorate International Students' Day, which began to be celebrated after the tragic events of 17 November 1939.

The music dramaturgy reflects upon the works of authors whose lives were affected by totalitarian regimes, both Nazi and communist. The Concert against Totalitarianism is also a homage to all those who have faced, or must face, some form of injustice.

With this concert, the Faculty's stage will become a place where its talented students will meet their professors and successful graduates who have already made their name in the world of music, and are now excellent soloists, members of renowned home or foreign ensembles or holders of important awards. We are delighted to see that the idea of the project has met such a good response abroad, and we have invited some fascinating foreign guests in recent years.

The concert is free of charge. You can book your seats here.

Since 2015 the Concert against Totalitarianism has been accompanied by chamber exhibitions installed in the HAMU Respirium. They are open to everyone free of charge and can be seen for one month.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

The Concert against Totalitarianism team.